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Our story is your story

There is a quiet place in each of our lives where you can find peace and tranquility. Where the demands of the day are muffled by the comforting embrace of silence. Where distraction is eclipsed by the warm glow of reflection.

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There is no sign to mark the spot, but you will find it if you try.

An outward reflection

Zazen Bear is an outward reflection of this peace of mind. A steady source of inspiration encouraging you to seek harmony in all that you do. A gentle reminder that a balanced life is a gift you can give yourself and others each day.

Our Products Reflect Your Spirit

Zazen Bear products are an outward reflection of the Zen spirit that lives within you. Our Home, Accessories and Jewelry products are designed with a modern simplicity that brings peace, harmony and tranquility to your everyday moments.

Simplicity all around

Our Jewelry pieces are a unique blend of high quality materials, delicate touches and sturdy craftsmanship. Express your personality and bring a touch of Zen to your everyday moments with our rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Elegance at home

Our Home products help you bring peace of mind to any space. From your kitchen to your bedroom, these high-quality, hand-crafted items infuse your home with the spirit of Zen.


The soft curves of the Zazen Bear character blend with the natural beauty of the design to bring a touch of a peace and tranquility to your busy life.

zen in layers

With our accessory line you can bring along a little Zen when you are out and about. Designed to offer a harmonious balance of form and function, these products make the perfect companion no matter where your day might lead you.


Modern, simple and elegant. Our products create a contemporary and harmonious blend of form and function.

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